April 10, 2021

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“Ponce Ciudad Ideal” is the new brand of the municipality

The mayor’s administration Luis Irizarry Pabón presented on Friday night the new brand of the municipalities: “Ponce Ciudad Ideal”.

This initiative, which gives Ponce the name of “Ideal City”, is committed to exposing its great tourist, gastronomic, architectural, and historical attractions and its main asset, its people, with the purpose of grouping all these elements under the same uniform symbol , which is easily recognized in all areas by the whole world as a synonym for La Perla del Sur.

“My administration is committed to a transformative change for a new city, full of opportunities, open and functional spaces for the enjoyment of all. We knew that this ideal city is possible and that it can rise from the hand of all Ponceños and Puerto Ricans. Two months ago we took the helm, raised sails, repositioned the compass, changed course, and set sail for safe harbor. We are already waking up from the exhausting morass, from an induced coma that stopped us as a city, “said the first municipal executive in written statements to the press.

“Today without looking back, with red and black as standard bearers, we are moving towards a thought-out city, an ideal city. That is: ‘Ponce Ciudad Ideal’, an avant-garde, unique and complete city. City that has industries, educational centers, hospitals, airport and first-class seaport. However, none of this would be possible without its hardworking people committed to the Ponce cause. This is our city brand. Ponce will grow towards the world, embracing it and making it fall in love with its charms and from here the entire Puerto Rican south will also grow ”, added Irizarry Pabón.

In the evening, the directors of Cultural Development, Tourism Promotion and Economic Development, Ernie Rivera Collazo, Iván “Yuye” Rodríguez Y Jean Paul Gonzalezrespectively, they presented the new concept of the city’s brand in terms of its reach and impact.

“A city is not measured only by its longitude and latitude, but it is measured by the hearts of its people, aware that the development of a brand is the basis on which large cities are built. We undertook the task of researching and designing the combination of key and distinctive elements that will facilitate the recognition and positioning of Ponce, in the minds of our people and its future visitors, ”explained the municipal tourism minister.

“The brand is the combination of the distinctive colors of the city, red and black, the Sol Trunco, delicate semicircular uprights, in the shape of a fan, that adorn the space above the doorways in our distinguished colonial architecture and that highlight in our Pump Park. Finally, the column, an element extracted from the architectural design of our historic La Perla Theater. This architectural element of support is presented in the new icon of our city, manifesting the spirit of the unwavering pride of Ponce ”, he added.

For his part, the Director of Economic Development explained that with a massive advertising campaign, they will mark a milestone and that they will achieve an economic impact.

“This master plan will be integrated into the efforts of the economic development public policy that we have begun to implement for the City. Our economy expected a situation like this, it needed a new business model, more aggressive and dynamic, that will take into account our businessmen, merchants and entrepreneurs, to flourish together. The stagnation of years had to be eradicated and this initiative will position us in the lead to overcome all the situations that we have had to face as a City and Country. Without a doubt, this new image inserts us into the 21st century, prompting us to capitalize on adversity, creating new business opportunities and unprecedented commercialization, “he said.

In the same way, the director of Cultural Development explained each stamp, character or historical moment that was placed by means of a photographic representation on posters that adorn the fence of the Plaza de La Esperanza.

“Without counting on our emblematic figures, telling our history and including the iconic places where everything happened or happens, the treasures that we offer from Ponce to the whole world would not exist and we proudly promote through our brand. Ponce is an ideal city, since the first ancestral peoples settled on its lands, more than three thousand years before Christ. They were the ones who discovered this little point on the map, where nature sowed its beauty and creativity, dreams and pride of being from here emerged, feelings that had free rein and bequeathed us today’s Ponce ”, Rivera said. Collazo.

The new city brand and its logo will be shared with all merchants, so that they can adopt it in their promotions.

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