June 14, 2021

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Ponce reports COVID-19 outbreak at the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital

A total of 19 patients from the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital of Ponce tested positive in molecular tests for COVID-19, reported last night the epidemiologist of the municipality, Elizabeth Lago, together with the mayor Luis Irizarry.

“Since last week, I have been attentive to the situation, given the symptoms that some patients presented. Given the results, I have instructed the epidemiologist of the municipality to offer all the necessary support to implement the protocol and achieve control of the outbreak, ”said the mayor, who is a doctor by profession.

“Last Thursday, April 29, antigen tests were being carried out at the Ponce Psychiatric Hospital, since some patients presented mild symptoms that could be related to COVID-19. Therefore, it is decided to take immediate action and carry out antigen tests to identify possible patients infected with COVID-19, ”the epidemiologist explained.

The results originally yielded 14 positive patients in antigen tests. These positive patients have been kept in isolation in a hospital area, separate from healthy patients. In this way, the chain of transmission can be stopped and the necessary care given to these patients, explained the expert.

“Committed to safeguarding the health of employees in the same way, who strive every day to care for these patients, tests were carried out on these patients last Thursday, and they all tested negative. Dr. Luis Torres, from the Forensic Psychiatric Hospital, reported that given this number of patients positive for antigen tests, it was decided to carry out molecular tests on the patients, “added Lago.

“We recognize the importance of this population and at this moment the possibility of monoclonal treatment is being evaluated for those who require it,” he said.

Lago mentioned that Dr. Torres notified that this next Wednesday molecular tests will be carried out on the employees. “We have been working hand in hand to continue taking the relevant measures and monitoring the health of all patients and employees,” he said.

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