June 14, 2021

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Ponceña after the tremors: “This does make me anxious, it scares me more than COVID-19”

The southerners raised the cry in the sky before another sequence of earthquakes that threatened their tranquility before Christmas Eve, awakening the nightmare that has not allowed them to rest for almost a year.

In accordance with Angel Vazquez Torres, director of the Emergency Management Office of the Municipality of Ponce, so far, There have been about 41 earthquakes since last night at 9:57, with movements ranging from 2 to 4.8.

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Tremors that occurred in southern Puerto Rico according to the United States Geological Survey.

“This earthquake of magnitude 4.8 with an intensity of 5 that was felt in Yauco, the highest intensity, so far in Ponce everything is under control; Almost all Ponceños felt it, although the epicenter was quite south between Guayanilla and Peñuelas, ”he explained, noting that the municipal emergency team is verifying structures in the urban area.

“I know that the public is concerned… December 28 marks one year of the earthquakes in the southern area. We urge our people not to lower their guard, we have to be monitoring earthquakes all the time, today is a day before Christmas; that they always remain pending because there are 41 movements, between earthquakes and microsisms “, he detailed.

After noon, two earthquakes were reported; the first at 12:57 with a magnitude of 4.8 and then at 1:33 another of 4.69 was recorded.

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“Emotionally one is still very weak”

For Jeannette bolier, a nurse who lives in the El Tuque neighborhood of Ponce, the nerves caused by the tremors “scare me more than COVID.”

“The first one this afternoon, I was standing up and I heard as if a truck was coming and when the sound stopped, it quickly began to shake from side to side. In this second I was lying on the furniture watching television and the mirror moved back and forth and the furniture as well. This lasted longer than the previous one ”, said the health professional.

“This does make me anxious… it scares me more than COVID because with COVID we can protect ourselves, this catches us off guard. We already have the backpack ‘ready’, but this can take us at any time “, lament.

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In fact, the expressions spilled on social networks by many citizens of the Southwest were of lament, despair and fear as they relived the January 7 earthquake that changed the routine of thousands of people in the area, especially in the municipalities of Guánica, Yauco , Guayanilla, Peñuelas and Ponce.

While, Alexandra Pagan, a law student, commented that “This is reliving Christmas last year again. It’s the same, the same with the jamaqueón that came to us on December 28 we felt it twice in a row today ”.

“You don’t know why this is still very recent … emotionally one is still very weak. You will remember everything that happened, what you experienced… there are many things. It is losing the house, sleeping outside again, the children who are affectedmany things at the same time and to top it off we doubled it with a pandemic “said Pagán who is the mother of a nine-year-old girl.

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The Ponceña admitted that, although she will stay at her house located in the center of town, she is preparing in case a major movement occurs.

“I go home to lower the packages, lower the canned food, everything that is emergency, put the tent on the bus and put the bus at a point that can leave quickly. I want to have everything ready, if something happens to start. Today we sleep dressed and with shoes because this time we have to be careful “, he concluded.

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