April 19, 2021

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Ponce’s Hard Rock Café closed due to COVID-19 outbreak

About 10 restaurant employees Hard Rock Cafe in Ponce they tested positive for COVID-19, the regional newspaper reported yesterday The Pearl of the South.

The outbreak was recorded after the company subjected about 130 employees of the premises to molecular tests for fear of a greater number of cases.

According to the weekly, the establishment ceased functions on April 4 on the recommendation of the municipality epidemiologist, Karla López from Victoria Cancel.

Listen to the Con Los Editores podcast where we discuss the increase in cases:

The determination occurred when several employees tested positive for antigens the day before and one had to go to a hospital for moderate symptoms.

Also, according to the newspaper, for weeks there have been complaints from employees and their families about a possible outbreak of coronavirus in the premises.

Similarly, the incident occurs days after the Hard Rock employees received their first dose of Moderna’s vaccine.

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