January 20, 2021

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Ponce's lyrics restored on the occasion of its 15th anniversary

On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the installation of the Ponce Sculptural Ensemble, better known as "Las Letras de Ponce", the Puerto Rican painting manufacturer Master Paints in collaboration with the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce began today the restoration of the monument, as reported by Cristina Cardona, director of Corporate Social Responsibility of Master Paints, and the mayor of Ponce, María “Mayita” Meléndez.

“As part of our social responsibility program, Puerto Rico Paints its Best Face, we gave the task of incorporating another project that had a special meaning for Puerto Ricans. On this occasion, we chose the famous Ponce Letters which, for Puerto Ricans, much more for Ponceños, are a symbol of pride, "said Cardona, spokesperson for Master Paints, a company that will donate all the materials for the restoration.

For her part, the Mayor of the Stately City maintained that, “we appreciate this initiative of the company Master Paints that has decided to collaborate with our city so that our Ponce Letters shine again this year when they celebrate their fifteenth anniversary. In the midst of difficulties we continue to recognize our culture, our identity. Ponce's Letters are part of our Ponce pride and we have to celebrate it. It is this sculpture that guides the entry and exit of the Lordly City. "

It should be noted that the artist who designed the monument was Carlos A. Rivera Villafañe who is a sculptor from Ponce, graduated from the School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico and has carried out sculptural works in our island, Spain, Cuba, Peru, the Dominican Republic, among other countries. This work was one of those selected in the Public Art Project carried out by the State Department of Transportation and Public Works in 2002 under the mandate of former Governor Sila María Calderón. The same culminated its construction three years later .

“When I began the elaboration of“ Las letras de Ponce ”, which took place on January 18, 2005, I idealized embodying and celebrating through this set sculptural the pride that represents my Stately City and our Puerto Rican culture. I thank Master Paints and the Autonomous Municipality of Ponce for the efforts made so that this international work maintains its brilliance and pride with its red and black ponceño colors, "said Rivera Villafañe.

The works are expected to culminate at the end of the current month. Drivers passing through the area are encouraged to take appropriate precautionary measures, as well as people who like to take photos in the area to keep their distance during its restoration, and to respect the artwork so that it is keep it impeccable for years to come .

This effort adds to the restoration made by Master Paints in other historical buildings or emblematic structures of the country such as the Iglesia San José de San Juan, Fortín Conde Mirasol in Vieques, the Olympic House in Old San Juan, multiple boxes of walkers on the panoramic route and La Perla neighborhood.

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