June 11, 2021

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Positive for coronavirus used by the Service Program in Advancement of the Arecibo Trial

An employee of the Regional Service Center (CRS) of Arecibo of the Prospective Trial Services Program (PSAJ) tested positive for covid-19 coronavirus in a molecular test for this triggered the protocols, which included disinfecting the offices.

At least six other officials were quarantined and examined after they had contact with the person infected with the virus. The services, so far, have not been affected.

The employee of the office attached to Department of Correction and Rehabilitation had reported last Friday, in the afternoon, that her father had Covid-19 test positive.

“She notified the situation, since she lives with her father. The protocols contemplated for these situations were immediately activated. The employee was tested, turning positive. The colleagues who had contact, four employees of the Arecibo CRS and two PSAJ agents were placed in preventive quarantine and are awaiting the results of their tests ”indicated in written statements the director of the Correction press, Héctor Pérez.

On the other hand, the Courts administration activated its protocol since the PSAJ of Arecibo is located in the Judicial Center. The procedure included disinfecting the CRS work office over the weekend.

Perez indicated that all those who work in that office maintain a strict security control, using masks and protecting themselves with liquid disinfectants.

“An official from an agency outside the Judicial Branch who works at the Arecibo Judicial Center tested positive for a molecular test. The established protocol was immediately activated and the court personnel who may have had contact with that official were identified, they were referred to undergo the test and they remain in their homes awaiting the result. Work areas were also disinfected and sanitized. These efforts are in addition to the continuous cleaning of areas in the court and the other measures adopted such as the mandatory use of masks by staff and visitors, physical distancing, temperature taking, and physical barriers placed to create distancing ” added the spokesperson for the Office of Courts Administration, Daniel Rodríguez.

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