May 15, 2021

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Positive to COVID-19 employee of Emergency Management in Arecibo

An employee of the Office for Emergency Management and Disaster Administration in Arecibo tested positive for COVID-19.

This was announced tonight by the non-progressive mayor Carlos Molina Rodríguez who assured that the municipality activated the directed health and safety protocol.

“After identifying a case of COVID-19 in an employee of the Office of Emergency Management, we implemented the protocol recommended by the director of the Contact Surveillance and Tracking system COVID-19 of the Municipality of Arecibo, epidemiologist Kendra Caraballo to protect the rest of the employees, "stated the first municipal executive in written statements.

However, he did not mention what protocol they implemented.

In Arecibo, a series of positive cases of coronavirus have been reported among public officials. For example, on July 15 a municipal employee tested positive for the virus and the mayor indicated that they would perform the test free of cost on all municipal workers . Likewise, on July 7 an employee of the Arecibo Regional Service Center (CRS) of the Services in Advance of the Trial Program (PSAJ) tested positive for a molecular test.

However, the mayor stated that they have been "consistent and effective in identifying the cases that could affect" their employees.

You can also read: Arecibo will inspect businesses due to a surge in coronavirus [19659002] In addition, he clarified that the municipality is in the period of the annual summer closure and that the rest of the non-essential municipal employees are not working at the moment.

"We are looking after everyone's health and will continue implementing all the preventive measures recommended by the experts so that this group of essential employees can continue offering their services to the citizenry, especially at this critical moment in history, " concluded. [19659011]

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