May 15, 2021

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Potential tropical cyclone still disorganized, but with winds of 40 mph

It is not yet a tropical storm, but the potential tropical cyclone that monitors the National Hurricane Center (CNH) in Miami has winds of 40 mph and is expected to have a strengthening in the coming hours.

According to the 5:00 pm bulletin, the CNH indicated that “the system is moving west-northwest at about 23 mph, and this general movement is expected to continue, with a slight reduction in speed of progress during the next days. In the forecasted trajectory, the system is expected to move through the Leeward Islands on Wednesday, near or over the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on Wednesday night. "

A reconnaissance aircraft continues to investigate the system.

The trajectory continues to be over Puerto Rico and at dawn on Thursday it would be entering some point southeast of Puerto Rico.

Trajectory continues to be over Puerto Rico.

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