June 15, 2021

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Powerball has accumulated $ 550 million

The assistant secretary of the Puerto Rico Lotteries of the Department of the Treasury, Lorna Huertas, reported that in the Powerball drawing tonight there is a cumulative prize of $ 550 million, becoming the ninth highest prize in its history.

“I urge citizens to participate in this millionaire raffle and see the possibility that there is another winner in Puerto Rico. For us in Electronic Lottery, it is vital to promote the participation of our market in a millionaire draw like this, because we are the only Latin jurisdiction to be part of Powerball. In addition to generating hundreds of winners on the Island after each draw, it is a collection window that allows us to contribute to the economic and social development of Puerto Rico, ”he recommended in a press release.

For her part, the assistant director of the Electronic Lottery, Karen Soto, highlighted that the sales of Powerball plays in Puerto Rico generate about $ 4.4 million per year in commission earnings among merchants authorized to sell Electronic Lottery.

“Both Powerball and the other products we offer, generate not only a commission for sales to the local merchant, but also customer traffic to their businesses, especially when the jackpot increases to the levels we are seeing these first weeks of the year, that is why it is so important support local businesses by making their Electronic Lottery plays ”, Soto explained.

The officials commented that tonight’s draw is also special, since on January 13, 2016 the highest Powerball prize was raffled off, which was $ 1,586 million.

“If there is a winner of the prize of $ 550 million in Puerto Rico, we will wait for him tomorrow at our offices to pay him his prize. This can be collected in a single payment, or in 30-year annuities with payments that fluctuate between $ 8 and $ 30 million, ”added Soto.

Puerto Rico already has several Powerball winners, one of them in February 2015 that was sold at Ponce Shell de Coto Laurel. This $ 564.1 prize was split with two other winners from North Carolina and Texas and was the first Powerball prize sold outside of the continental United States. The other prize that fell on the Island was $ 50 million in April of that same year and was sold in Sabana Grande.

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