March 3, 2021

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Powerball prize goes up to $ 730 million | Present

Tonight’s Powerball drawing rose to $ 730 million, as reported today by the assistant secretary of the Puerto Rico Lotteries of the Department of the Treasury, Lorna Huertas.

This represents the fourth highest prize in history for this game.

“Powerball continues to make history by reaching 35 draws without a jackpot winner. We encourage players to buy their tickets early today, as sales close at 9:00 pm. ”Huertas said.

For the draw last Saturday, January 16, 1.7 million plays were reported on the Island.

“There was a winner who matching four numbers and the Powerball, with an automatic play, won $ 50,000, but when he played it with Power Play his prize increased to $ 150,000. The award was sold at 24 Marketplace in Hato Rey ”, highlighted Huertas.

Also, Huertas said that there were also about 35,000 winners of minor prizes on the island, for a total of over half a million dollars in prizes.

Puerto Rico is the territory where more players prefer their Power Play game and thanks to this, 85 percent of the secondary prizes obtained on the Island are multiplied.

“We are pleased to be able to contribute to the growth of over 2,000 merchants, while we continue to pay prizes not only to Powerball players but to all those who visit their favorite establishment daily to collect their Pega 2, Pega 3, Pega 4, Instantáneos and Kino prizes. and in our offices to collect the Loto and Revancha prizes. The sale of games so far this year has already represented close to $ 1 million dollars earned by commission in the coffers of our network of participating businesses, ”said the assistant secretary.

Any ticket awarded for less than $ 1,200 can be cashed in the merchant network. The official also urged players to verify their tickets using the Official Electronic Lottery mobile application, to find out if it is a winning ticket and the amount of their prize.

If you are a winner today and decide to receive your millionaire prize in one payment, the value of this would be $ 546 million (subject to tax). If, on the other hand, the winner chooses to collect their prize in annuities, they will receive the entire prize announced in payments ranging from $ 10 million to $ 45 million annually, over a 30-year term.

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