June 14, 2021

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PPD Chamber will file draft Status Convention at the request of the Bar Association

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THE CAPITOL – The president of the House of Representatives, Rafael “Tatito” Hernández met on Sunday with members of the Bar Association to discuss amendments to the constitution, a status convention and various electoral matters.

Hernández Montañez reported that some of the agreements reached at the meeting are: the filing of a bill on the Status Convention, as submitted and approved by the Bar Association.

“In collaboration with the Bar Association, other meetings with other parliamentary delegations will be scheduled to explain the content of this project. The House of Representatives will be a facilitator for, together with the Bar Association, to undertake a process of education to all citizens throughout the island, regarding everything that this project comprises, ”said the Chamber President in written statements.

In addition, they will work on amendments to the Civil Code.

On the other hand, Hernández Montañez mentioned that the legislative body will work on other constitutional amendments such as raising essential services to constitutional rank and various electoral aspects. This effort will be led by Vice President Cameral José “Conny” Varela Fernández.

“The Constitution of Puerto Rico dates from 1952, so it must be adapted and tempered to the political, social and economic circumstances of the present. Proposals on this subject will be evaluated and analyzed by our committee and only those that have the consensus of all parties will be consulted. This process will not be lightly, but we will ensure that we have representation from all parties, ”said Varela Fernández.

The president of the Bar Association, Daisy Calcaño López; the lawyer Alejandro Torres Rivera; the vice president of the Chamber, José “Conny” Varela, who also chairs the Committee on Constitutional and Electoral Amendments; Representative Kebin Maldonado Martiz, who chairs the Commission on Federal, International, Status and Veterans Affairs; and the representative Orlando José Aponte Rosario who chairs the Legal Commission.

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