June 13, 2021

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PPD majority in the legislature will order to investigate the elections

The leadership of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) announced today that it will launch a joint investigation by the Chamber and Senate, where they will have a majority, on the irregularities detected in the electoral process, as they aim to modify or even make a new electoral code, and refer the findings to the corresponding authorities.

“We have seen major flaws in this electoral code, approved unilaterally by the New Progressive Party (PNP). They are failures that have led to actions that could possibly be denounced as illegal. The consequences of all this remain to be seen, “said the president of the PPD, Carlos” Charlie “Delgado Altieri.

In particular, the PPD condemned the irregularities detected in the early voting by mail modality, which largely favored the PNP and whose management has also been harshly criticized by other parties.

In fact, he assured that, if voting by mail was left out, the PPD would have prevailed in the race for the governorship, which it narrowly lost to the statesman candidate Pedro Pierluisi, as well as in other close mayoral races.

Delgado Altieri said that, in order to facilitate an environment of stability “with humility I accept the electoral results.” He warned, however, that “we are not satisfied with the way the early voting modality was conducted, especially by mail.”

“The question of the postal vote that the New Progressive Party defended so much will always remain. Here, and out there, people are very clear that this process was not clean, that there have been acts that can lead to electoral corruption, ”he insisted. “That certainly does not provide confidence. It is a rigged process in favor of the PNP. In this specific modality, the vote by mail, the PNP was able to disrupt democracy and affect the electoral process in Puerto Rico. “

Delgado said that with the legislative investigation they will seek to produce the proposals to either amend the Electoral Code, produce a new one, or return to the one that existed before it.

Gerardo “Toñito” Cruz, electoral commissioner of the PPD, after showing a video of the night of the elections in which Caridad Pierluisi, Pedro Pierluisi’s campaign director, assured that his brother would prevail after gaining an advantage with early voting, explained that In the new code, the PNP eliminated some guarantees that existed to prevent fraud, which in turn facilitated the irregularities that they have detected.

He specifically mentioned cases in Culebra and Luquillo in which PNP officials are linked to requests for early voting by irregular mail. He assured that in Culebra voters were interviewed who say they had not requested an early vote and even showed up to vote on election day.

He also mentioned irregularities with that early vote in Utuado, Yabucoa, Aguadilla and Coamo, where in one sector there were countless requests for early vote that had not been requested.

He also highlighted that the State Elections Commission did not respond to the claim that it should eliminate from the registry some 5,000 voters who appeared registered in another jurisdiction, and assured that “the Commission did not eliminate a single one of those voters.”

He also denounced that envelopes arrived without a copy of the voter’s identification, as required, and that the PNP opened those envelopes and mixed them with those that did have ID, so that they could not be properly verified.

He added that they also mixed the vote at home, “which had a guarantee, which had a balance,” with the vote by mail that had no guarantee, and therefore could not be reviewed independently.

“That has been the handling. And we want to say that we are clear that the voter must be given better opportunities to vote. But we must offer all the guarantees to avoid electoral fraud ”, denounced Cruz.

“There are many doubts, there is dissatisfaction. And only the PNP supports what happened. Out there, the elector does not feel the security that the will of the people was fulfilled ”, insisted Delgado Altieri.

On the other hand, Delgado Altieri, who narrowly lost the governor’s race, said that, at the moment, he will remain at the helm of the PPD until the party has its board meeting and decides and decides whether to elect a new leadership. He confirmed that, if requested, he would remain as president or vice president of the institution.

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