April 20, 2021

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PREPA executive director resigns

The Governing Board of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA) today received the resignation of the engineer José Ortiz Vázquez as executive director of the public corporation. The resignation will be effective on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

"We have accepted Ortiz's resignation with appreciation for the work he has done," said Ing. Ralph Kreil, president of the PREPA Governing Board.

“When Ing. Ortiz took over PREPA, an Integrated Resource Plan (PIR) had not even been completed and we were struggling to develop a working relationship with regulators such as the Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (NEPR ) and the Puerto Rico Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF). Since then, we have had three fiscal plans approved by the JSF and the NEPR is concluding its views on the Integrated Resources Plan. Working hand in hand with Ortiz, we developed a solid working relationship in Washington D.C., achieving credibility with the federal government. Among other achievements, PREPA created the Project Management Office, which has been essential for Costa Sur 5 to return to service; started the contract with LUMA for a better transmission and distribution service to our subscribers and the EcoEl Eléctrica contract was renegotiated to improve reliability and reduce costs for consumers. In addition, Ortiz's vision contributed to the conversion of San Juan 5 and 6 to natural gas, resolved renewable energy issues, taking most of the active projects one step forward to become a reality for Puerto Ricans. It also implemented a more transparent purchasing process discipline at PREPA, "Kreil noted.

" When I was originally asked to assume the position of PREPA Executive Director, I committed myself to two years of service; 24 months have passed. My resignation comes at an appropriate time in the transformation of PREPA into the modern electric company that all Puerto Ricans deserve. Throughout these two years, at PREPA we committed ourselves to reliability, sustainability, affordability and economic development, as provided in Law 17 of 2018, "said Ortiz.

" Although Ortiz and the Together we could have had different points of view, we could always find a way to work together in a positive way for the best interest of our citizens. All of our Board members wish him the best of success in his personal and professional future, "Kreil concluded.

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