April 17, 2021

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President of the EEC assures that the blame is shared | government

After taking part of the responsibility for the failed primary held yesterday, the president of the State Elections Commission (CEE) Juan Ernesto Dávila, also blamed the printing press and the leadership of the political parties.

“I assume my responsibility, but I am not the only person responsible for this, ”he said.

Yesterday dozens of precincts were unable to open the polling stations as the briefcases containing the ballots did not arrive, as well as other material necessary to carry out the electoral process . Thus, at the edge of 4:00 in the afternoon the EEC, in agreement with the New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) decided to postpone the primaries in those 59 precincts, out of a total of 110, they did not receive the ballots. The precincts that did receive the briefcases continued with the primaries and will not have elections next Sunday.

“Here is a complete scaffolding. The delay in the delivery of ballots, that is true ”, stressed the official in an interview with Noticentro. Since yesterday, Dávila pointed out that the delay in the preparation of the briefcases was due to the ballot for the special election of the PNP, for a seat in the Senate.

“To make the briefcases, you don't have to have all the ballots … made an additional request for ballots that was requested last week. The printing company gave a few hours of delivery and they were not fulfilled. In the PNP primary the ballots were not complete ", reiterated the president of the EEC.

He also said that now the EEC is concentrating on conducting a thorough investigation of this fact and ruled out resigning immediately.

" In the middle of This process that we are dealing with is not responsible for my resigning, once the primary process is over I will analyze it, ”Dávila highlighted.

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