April 13, 2021

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Preventive measures after interruption in water service | PRESENT

The assistant secretary for Environmental Health and Public Health Laboratory, Mayra Toro, urged the population that, after the passage of the storm Isaías and during the process of reestablishing some of the basic services, such as drinking water and electricity, citizens must take the necessary precautions to ensure that the water they consume is safe.

“After the restoration of drinking water service, the water must be allowed to run for five minutes, in order to clean the water line. Subsequently, the water should be boiled; from the moment you start to see small bubbles, three minutes should be counted; then, we must let it rest, until it cools, before consuming it. This process of boiling water is recommended to be done for a period of 48 hours, after service is restored, "recommended Toro.

Likewise, it is recommended to take these measures to eliminate any remaining sediment or particulates in the line of distribution, in order to minimize the possibility of gastrointestinal diseases, after consuming this unsuitable water.

If the water cannot be boiled and, in order to ensure that it is suitable for consumption, it can be treated using homemade, odorless chlorine, and following the steps below:

1. Use a clean gallon container that has not been used to store chemicals or toxic substances

2. Fill the container with clear water

3. Add five drops of homemade, odorless bleach to one gallon of water. If you don't have a dropper, you can use a teaspoon to measure the chlorine. You should only add one teaspoon.

4. Shake the container well.

5. Let it rest for 30 minutes or more, before consuming it

“Daily, the water to be consumed must be prepared so that it is fresh and is kept in optimal conditions. If it is necessary to store it, previously disinfected and properly covered containers should be used to avoid the development of mosquito breeding sites. They should be placed away from sunlight ", concluded Toro.

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