August 1, 2021

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Prichard Colón undergoes surgery for complications with a tube that feeds him

The former Puerto Rican boxer, Prichard Colón, had to be admitted to a hospital in Orlando today after he woke up without his food tube that would have come out, according to his mother, Nieves Colón, published in networks.

Even though a doctor tried to put in another tube, the incision where it goes had already been closed.

“I ask for prayer because we do not need any complications in this stay and to return home as soon as possible,” wrote her mother hours before the operation.


Colón came out of his surgery around 7:00 pm looking good and ready to be discharged soon.

“He went to the operating room happy and now I’m waiting to wake up well from the anesthesia in recovery with the favor of God we are going home today .. Thank you for your prayers .. my Prichard is strong, “said his mother in another publication.

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