June 14, 2021

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Primarist struggle stops the budget, says Cirilo Tirado

The popular senator Cirilo Tirado attributed this afternoon to the primalist struggle between Wanda Vázquez and Pedro Pierluisi, the lack of an agreement between the majority of the non-progressive House and Senate to approve a budget for the new fiscal year that begins tomorrow. [19659002] The disagreement, Tirado said, paved the way for the Fiscal Oversight Board (JSF) to impose the government's spending budget for the third consecutive year.

After noon the Legislative Chambers formed conference committees of both legislative bodies to address the discrepancies regarding the distribution of items in the budget from the general fund, but the deadline given by the Board for the approval of the measure had already expired. Both houses approved a budget for the same amount as the JSF of $ 10,045 million, but with different line adjustments for allocations that the federal agency left out, such as the payment of the Christmas Bonus.

“The budget that entered The force an hour ago is the result of an internal partisan struggle of the PNP, the Pierluisistas and the Wandistas, a political power struggle that also reached the budget of this country. Who has the power, the Chamber, Pierluisi or the President of the Senate (Thomas Rivera Schatz), who is the president of the PNP? That's what it's about, a fight between Pierluisi and Wanda, which is apparently represented by the Senate of Puerto Rico. That's what it's about. An hour ago they renounced the constitutional power that the people gave them to approve an annual budget, "Tirado denounced in one turn in the Senate chamber.

" The Legislative Assembly did not establish the committees or the procedures that it had to do. We did not demonstrate the will to be able to fulfill the constitutional duty so that the people of Puerto Rico knew that we completed our work, today the last day of the fifteenth Assembly, "said the legislator of the popular minority.

" That carelessness of yours allowed the budget imposed by the Federal Fiscal Control Board to prevail ”he said to detail that the budget proposed by the JSF excludes“ important items such as the Christmas Bonus, a possible remuneration for public employees, the money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, $ 9 million for the electoral processes and a fund to compensate resident doctors who have given their best during this pandemic. "

" Those funds are not in the budget of the Fiscal Board. Today at 12:00 noon you gave up that constitutional duty and that privilege that the people gave us to approve a budget. To all this we add that the Legislative Assembly did not approve the joint resolution of legislative donations either. In other words, the non-profit organizations run out of money and we will have to wait for an extraordinary one or simply for the fiscal board to distribute the cod as they say in the field, "added Tirado.

Rivera Schatz said for his part that "If the Board wants to impose its miller and impose a budget that does so and threatens more."

"We must understand that some people are elected by the people and want to be ushers of the Board. Not me and the majority in the Senate and the House, neither, "said the senatorial leader.

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