June 15, 2021

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Private campuses advance in preparations to return to give face-to-face classes

Photo: dcJohn via Visual hunt

San Juan – This next Monday, the vaccination process against Covid-19 is expected to begin in private schools in Puerto Rico, which in turn will allow them to return to teach in person, said this Thursday morning in a radio interview the President of the Association of Private Schools, Wanda Ayala.

“We are going in parallel with the public schools” in the vaccination process, said Ayala in an interview in Pegaos en la Mañana on Radio Isla with Julio Rivera Saniel.

“This past week, as the number of vaccines has been reduced, each center is assigned 300 vaccines per day for school personnel. Those 300 vaccines we divide them proportionally, between 216 for the Department (of Education) and 84 for the private sector. And the division responds exclusively for the proportion of employees between one and the other (system). Because although there are more than 40 percent of students (in the private education system), the proportion of students in the public system is very high, ”said Ayala.

“I can say that if we take vaccination aside, and to private schools, how they have been physically working in their schools since the May executive order authorized teaching and non-teaching staff to be in schools to planning to reopen, private schools are physically ready, ”Ayala assured.

“There are schools that have invested immense amounts of money in technological equipment, in making acrylic boxes, in changes of sources and hand washing,” said the President of the Association of Private Schools.

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