May 14, 2021

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Protesters come to La Fortaleza to demand forceful action against sexist violence

Dissatisfied with the government’s efforts, hundreds of people went to Fortaleza Street today to demand forceful action from the State against femicides.

“We are here one day away from the 100 days of the state of emergency, demanding that the government take concrete measures to finally implement and carry out the state of emergency. We can no longer deal with sexist violence in the country “, said to The new day Melody Fonseca, spokesperson for the Colectiva Feminista en Construcción.

The organization summoned the protesters who occupied Fortaleza and Del Cristo streets, right at the entrance of the executive mansion. The demonstration came just an hour after the governor Pedro Pierluisi culminated a press conference in which he defended his deed after declaring in January a state of emergency due to sexist violence and creating the Committee PARE (Prevention, Support, Rescue and Education of Gender Violence).

He said that the committee meets twice a week, has already delivered two reports and is waiting for another in which it is recommended that a curriculum with a gender perspective be implemented in the country’s public schools.

“We are not pleased because as we understand the PARE Committee has only had two ordinary meetings with the people of the committee and the government and an extraordinary meeting that was this weekend as a result of the murders of Keishla Y Andrea, both women “Fonseca said.

The Feminist Collective in Construction is not part of the PARE Committee.

“Over the past months we have seen how the PARE Committee, appointed to advise the governor on the actions to be implemented, has not even fulfilled the commitment to publish its meetings monthly, much less with the concretization of an action plan that take the necessary actions to eradicate this problem. This is especially evident in the face of the femicides that have been registered in recent months, which are distinguished by the fact that the victims have turned to the authorities and have not received the necessary support to protect their lives, ”said Shariana Ferrer-Núñez, also a spokesperson. of the Feminist Collective in Construction.

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