June 25, 2021

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Protesters reject the message of Wanda Vázquez

The Socialist Workers Movement (MST) manifested itself today in rejecting the message offered by the governor Wanda Vázquez from the Center for Fine Arts and in calling for the development of public policies that guarantee the safety of workers in the midst of the emergency by COVID-19 and a health system where resources are directed to all the people equally.

In turn, the union body sympathized with the thousands of citizens who for the In the past weeks, they have stood in line for miles in an attempt -sometimes unsuccessful- to obtain the right to unemployment due to the closing of the work centers and the reduction of the working day.

do in 24 hours, even if they are fatulos contracts like those made for the purchase of the COVID evidence that to this day there has not yet been a criminal complaint against the evident robbery that was tried to perpetrate at the cost of the health of our country, ”said Ricardo Santos, son, spokesman for the Socialist Movement of Workers (MST) when comparing the slowness that has mediated the delivery of aid versus the speed with which the millionaire purchase was ordered. , as revealed by an investigation by the House of Representatives.

Santos also questioned the alleged lack of an educational policy for workers in the face of the reopening of workplaces and the economy. "We feel that we have been defenseless," he said.

He pointed out that the workers have not had their rights to have a workplace free of risk to their health and to report when there are not adequate conditions in the center.

As it has been advanced, the governor will concentrate her Budget Message in the areas of Health, Economic Development and Education. On this last area, Santos questioned the decision of the Department of Education to declare a group of teachers surplus after the end of the school semester. He anticipated that this guideline will affect the students. "With this surplus statement, what they are announcing is that they are going to convert the classrooms into classrooms of 30 and 25 students, demonstrating that they do not have the slightest interest in guaranteeing the health and safety of our children," he said.

The call to school communities is to organize and be ready to fight.

Regarding the movement of the Budget Message from the Capitol to the Fine Arts Center, Santos said that "the governor is a governor who likes to do theater , but monologue theater. She likes to speak alone, she likes to give talks alone, she likes to present herself without the press inquiring, she likes to appear in places where she can distribute money, funds and aid without the people being able to demonstrate. "

While the group of Protesters expressed themselves on a billboard sign located just in front of the Fine Arts Center, an advertisement was published with the image of Vázquez Garced that read: "Let's make a difference." Governor 2020.

Among those present was also Emilio Nieves, a spokesman for Join, who called for approval in the Senate of House Bill 2434 that establishes a public policy of zero cuts to the pensions of government employees. “This is a project that implements the process to prevent the cut in pensions that the Fiscal Control Board intends to do. "Our claim to the governor is that she includes in the message, as a public policy, that loyal and profound defense of the three retirement systems",

She said that the measure impacts 170,000 pensioners, as well as the 120,000 active public employees . "We have to end this issue and this threat of cutting the pensions that the Board implements," said Nieves.

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