May 13, 2021

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Protests and altercations against police violence spread across the United States


WASHINGTON – The United States (USA) lived in the last hours a night of protests and altercations at different points over the latest cases of police violence and the proximity of the end of the trial against the former agent accused of murdering the African-American George Floyd.

For the sixth consecutive night, the protesters came out to protest in the streets around the Brooklyn Center police station, a town in Minnesota, where last Sunday an agent shot and killed the African-American Daunte Wright, 20, during a traffic control. .

During the march there were riots that ended with the arrest of 100 people, according to data offered in the last hours by the commissioner of Public Safety of Minnesota, John Harrington, quoted by local media.

In Chicago, thousands of people demonstrated Friday in the Logan Square neighborhood to demand reform of the city’s police department after an officer shot and killed the 13-year-old Hispanic minor Adam Toledo on March 29.

On Thursday, an independent agency investigating the conduct of the Chicago Police Department released a video of Adam being shot dead by a white police officer who ordered him to stand up and show his hands.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, hundreds of protesters gathered last night in the center of the capital, near the White House, and staged some skirmishes against the Police.

The Hill media reported that the participants in the march shouted the names of victims of police violence in the United States, such as Wright and Toledo.

In parallel, two separate demonstrations took place in the last hours in Portland, in the state of Oregon (west coast of the United States), after police shot a suspect in a city park, said the Fox channel. .

Portland Police posted photos of the broken glass in the windows of the Oregon Historical Society building on their social media and claimed that several protesters allegedly tried to break into several stores.

Another point in which there were also riots was Oakland (California), where, according to the CBS network, hundreds of people took to the streets in a protest that led to altercations with protesters breaking windows and shop windows, and blocking public roads.

According to that channel, the participants in the riots set fire in front of a bank during the protest.

These events occur when the trial against former police officer Derek Chauvin, accused of killing Floyd, faces its final stretch, since the defense and the prosecution are expected to present their final arguments as of Monday.

Floyd’s death at the end of May last year triggered the largest wave of protests and race riots in the United States in decades, after videos of bystanders that recorded Chauvin pressing his knee to the neck of the woman went viral. victim, who complained several times that he could not breathe.

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