May 15, 2021

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Provide incentives to independent living service youth returning to school

The Secretary of the Department of the Family (DF), Orlando López Belmonte, reported the delivery of an incentive of $ 300 dollars granted to 487 young people in custody of the DF who are part of the Life Service Program Independent, who start a new school semester. The incentive granted totals $ 146,000 by the Administration of Families and Children (ADFAN).

“Given the challenges caused by COVID-19 for the student population, the Administration of Families and Children (ADFAN) of the DF grants this incentive from $ 300 to 487 minors from the Independent Living Service, assigned to the Auxiliary Administration of Substitute Care and Adoption, following the guidelines of Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced to use every available tool to facilitate the teaching of minors and their daily life, ”said the Secretary of the Department of the Family.

The stimulus is directed to young people active in the service who are in Residential Facilities, Therapeutic Homes SEPY and COPA, and who belong to the regions of Arecibo, Bayamón, Carolina and Humacao. Of the total of 487 young people benefited, 323 received the incentive directly in their bank accounts, while the other 164 requested it on a card that they can use in shops.

“We are pleased to be able to give our young people this incentive that helps them cover their back-to-school expenses or any other particular need, "said Glenda Gerena, ADFAN Administrator, after giving the cards to the young people of the Proyecto Camino residential establishment in Carolina.

The purpose of The management in addition to assisting young people before the beginning of the new school semester is to recognize their effort and perseverance, said the Secretary.

“These young people are working hard and are an inspiration for others, like them, to move on towards a successful independent life. This assistance is one more way to help them in this process. In the Department we will continue working to find the best alternatives so that the transition to an adult life focuses on their goals and has a profitable future ”, added López Belmonte, secretary of the DF, after exhorting the youth of the Camino Project to trust they no longer lose the momentum to move forward.

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