December 1, 2020

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Public buildings in Minillas activates protocol after employee test positive for coronavirus

The executive director of the Public Buildings Authority, Melitza López Pimentel, announced that an office located in the basement of the north tower of the Government Center of Minillas was evicted after learning of an employee from the conservation area who tested positive to COVID -19.

Simultaneously, the security protocol was activated and consultations were made with specialists from the Department of Health. The area was vacated and the cleaning and disinfection process began. Likewise, the executive director discussed the situation with the representatives of the Independent Union of Employees of AEP.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have adopted rigorous security measures to guarantee the safety of all personnel working in the building. Upon learning of the existence of a positive, we activated our protocol to avoid exposing the rest of the staff to the infected employee, "López Pimentel reported in written statements.

The other areas and offices located in the north tower have been working normally. .

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