April 15, 2021

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Puerto Rican couple opens first virtual vegan supermarket

The Puerto Rican market already has the first totally vegan virtual supermarket. V-Market It is an idea that arises from its owners Christian Santarrosa and Jodelis Nieves, a marriage that is committed to the success of local companies. V-Market is a dream that has been developing for more than two years and as a result of the situation facing the pandemic, they decided to start through a supermarket on-line.

“We are the first supermarket in Puerto Rico whose merchandise is made entirely from plants without animal ingredients. Unlike the health foods vegans, V-Market focuses on food and not supplements. The idea is that the consumer acquires all the products they find in a traditional supermarket, but free of cruelty and ingredients of animal origin, and with a ‘next day’ delivery service to the entire island, ”said Santarrosa.

The marriage has been with this type of diet for more than five years and they ensure that their motivation to launch V-Market is that a vegan or person who has a plant-based diet can find all their products in one place. “The customer will be able to access the platform through their mobile device or from their computer in the comfort of their home and choose the foods or products of their choice with ease and confidence,” added the new entrepreneur.

For his part, Nieves stated that “as a company we try to read the labels to ensure that the products are free of animal ingredients. For this reason, we invite all consumers to enjoy our products, since you do not necessarily have to be vegan to make good decisions regarding your health ”.

V-Market seeks to be an alternative to promote the health and well-being of Puerto Ricans from the community of their home, “he added.

For more information: www.vmarketpr.com/ Facebook: vmarketpr / Instagram: o vmarketpr

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