June 12, 2021

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Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation will present “The happiest summary”

In the scenario that we have lived in this year 2020, it is very likely that when we pass judgment on the events that have generated the most impact around the world, most of them will cause us regret or pain.

Precisely, in the spirit of turning the negative and highlighting stories that fill us with optimism to start 2021, the Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation and the Sajo // McCann agency have developed an initiative to create a news summary of the year with everything positive, in the voice of the young people who receive services from this entity.

“The happiest summary” will be a newscast hosted by these young people, who selected the topics that generated the most optimism to tell stories about education, pets, family relationships and births, among other topics. This program will air today, December 31, and will be broadcast on the Foundation’s social networks and traditional television at 5:00 pm, including non-traditional actions in magazines and public roads.

From the point of view of José Torres, director of the Puerto Rican Down Syndrome Foundation, the initiative “is a sample of all the potential and commitment of the boys and girls of the Foundation, who prepared with great dedication for this challenge. With this initiative, they have shown that if they can make a newscast, they can carry out any other work activity ”.

For Víctor Cabezas, leader of the creative team at Sajo // McCann, “we rescued significant and positive everyday moments from recent months, which are appreciated even more joyfully by demonstrating to the world the capabilities of the Foundation’s youth, who can read and act without problems, thus helping to change the perception that many people have of people with Down syndrome and the contributions they can make to their environment ”.

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