November 30, 2020

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Puerto Rican Salsero Víctor Manuelle premieres video of “You see the light bulbs”

Photo: EFE / Antoni Belchi / Archive

Puerto Rico – The Puerto Rican salsero Víctor Manuelle, known as “El sonero de la Jóvenes”, premiered this Friday the music video for his single “Ya se ve las bombillitas”, included in his most recent album, “Memorias de Navidad” (2019).

Authored by Víctor Manuelle and the Cuban singer-songwriter who lives in Puerto Rico Juan José Hernández, this song describes typical experiences of home decoration: “the neighbor took out the tree and put it on the balcony, and like every year, I asked for the extension, “as highlighted in a press release released this Friday.

The album “Memories of Christmas” aims to transfer the traditions of Christmas in the Caribbean to the new generation, wherever they may be.

“Memoria de Navidad”, an album with twelve Christmas carols that appeal to “the national sentiment, the gastronomy and the diaspora that returns home”, is the second Christmas music album released by Víctor Manuelle.

The first was “Una Navidad a mi Estilo,” which was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Salsa Album.

The album “Memoria de Navidad” spent six weeks at the top of Billboard’s Latin Albums Sales chart, becoming one of the most successful Christmas proposals of recent years.

The first music video for “Memoria de Navidad” was “Quiero Parranda”.

In a past interview with Efe, Víctor Manuelle explained that “Memoria de Navidad” intends to leave a legacy, transmit old traditions to future generations with new songs that mark the whole family throughout their lives.

“That is the purpose: that we have new music so that generations have other musical references,” explained the salsa singer, who clarifies that this does not mean that the traditional Christmas themes should be left aside, much less, to which must be “very grateful.”

The Puerto Rican salsa singer also served last night as one of the masters of ceremonies at the annual Latin Grammy Awards, and performed in a tribute to the late Puerto Rican salsa singer Héctor Lavoe, known as “The singer of singers.”

In addition, the Puerto Rican interpreter received a Gold record this week for the sales of his album “25/7” (2018).

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