July 29, 2021

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Puerto Rican Scientist Creates Line of Comprehensive Beauty Products for Cancer Patients

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Puerto Rico – Cancer leaves an imprint in each of the spheres that make up a patient, from their physical, emotional and spiritual spheres. About 85% of patients who receive clinical treatments after the diagnosis of cancer compromise both the appearance of the skin and their quality of life.

The color of life through the eyes of these patients changes completely, regaining the sense of the importance of transformation and well-being. Innovation, rehabilitation, service and quality are the pillars that lead to the creation of the “Beyond Beauty” kit made by Dr. Maricelly Santiago Ortiz, President and Founder of the brand Boticas Lab by M, Skin Care Products, in Cayey Puerto Rico. Dr. Santiago is a biomedical scientist by profession and educator in the field of oncology for 14 years. The scientist and businesswoman developed her Boticas Lab by M brand with the aim of formulating, preparing and alleviating the side effects of clinical treatments and improving the quality of life of all Puerto Rican cancer patients, without a prescription medical.

“Scientists have the courage and passion to elaborate and create with our hands new responses to the needs of a population as vulnerable as cancer patients,” said Dr. Santiago.

Dr. Santiago found that the development of her brand was achieved after feeling the evident need of cancer patients to identify local brands that would restore confidence in the management of skin-related conditions through comprehensive and natural service. Boticas Lab by M’s portfolio of products, Skin Care Products differ from other skin care brands in terms of formulation and composition. These products are free of chemicals, sulfates, metals and preservatives, components that are harmful to the skin of a cancer survivor who is undergoing treatment or rehabilitation for said diagnosis. Boticas Lab by M, Skin Care Products portfolio is exquisite and unique as vegetable oils and waxes, vitamins, proteins, nutritious milks and macerates scientifically proven with good absorption capacity on the skin and promising effects.

“Beyond Beauty” is a daily care, hygiene and topical use kit to be used during and after diagnosis. These products are formulated with the benefit of returning minerals to the skin, alleviating inflammation, dryness and itching, alleviating muscle discomfort, and restoring radiance, hydration and nutrition to the skin. This is the first year that the Boticas Lab by M brand, Skin Care Products, has launched this kit that contains: a traveler-size soap of oats and turmeric milk, a hypoallergenic deodorant, a lip repair ointment and an anti-inflammatory muscle ointment. “Patients have taught me that quality of life is not negotiable in the face of unexpected news that can cause uncertainty and pain,” commented the businesswoman.

In Puerto Rico, more than 60,000 survivors are estimated to have finished their clinical treatments, but not the good management of their side effects. At Boticas Lab by M, Skin Care Products you will find solutions to improve alleviating symptoms associated with clinical treatments. Remember that your habits create your life! “We are honored to support this Puerto Rican company founded by a scientist in love and convinced that science and beauty can go hand in hand. At Boticas Lab by M we seek the perfect union between science and the appearance of each of our patients ”, expressed Dr. Santiago.

For more information you can contact them at [email protected], 787-568-0251 or access their social networks through Boticas Lab by M on Facebook.

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