January 17, 2021

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Puerto Rican soldiers stand out in Poland | PRESENT

Dozens of Puerto Rican troops from the United States Army Reserve recently shared with orphaned girls and boys from Swietoszow, in southeastern Poland, while carrying out their military mission in the country.

“They left at the beginning of the year ( to Poland) and their mission there is to store and distribute ammunition in Europe, but based in Poland, ”Lieutenant Carlos Cuebas explained to EL VOCERO . “One of the things we have is to connect with the communities we go to,” he said.

“It was coordinated through the corresponding authorities to connect with the community in Poland, that they know us, that they feel comfortable with our presence there. It can be said that barriers collapsed, "said Cuebas.

An emotional experience

About the experience, Lieutenant Eduardo Santiago, a native of San Sebastián, said that it was" very emotional "to leave the base where they meet and share with minors.

"It was very emotional to be able to leave our base and share with these children in a country that until 1991 was a member of the communist bloc," said Santiago, who is the Commander of Detachment 266 of the Reserve, currently displaced to the European country.

It was reported that as part of the exchange, the Puerto Rican troops carried out recreational activities with minors from the Kozuchow Orphanage.

“The children really enjoyed our visit and I think that we bring you a little joy. They also asked us a lot about Puerto Rico. That gave us the opportunity to share our culture. Some even tried to speak Spanish. That makes me feel good. ”

Private Glissette Fox, a native of Carolina, participated in the visit. “Being able to see the smile of these children and how they enjoyed our visit fills me with immense joy. It was a unique experience that makes me remember why I joined the Reserve. I hope it can be repeated, ”added Fox.

Around 70 Puerto Rican troops remain on a military mission, which focuses on storage and distribution of ammunition.

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