March 8, 2021

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Puerto Rican youth launches book of poems about how he resists in Puerto Rico

The young author Efe Rosario used poetry to capture, from his point of view, how he resists in Puerto Rico and under what conditions he survives.

The result of his literary creation gave way to his first book, “The weather has been terrible with us”, which can currently be purchased through Amazon.

The Cornell University Literature Ph.D. student in New York grew up in Carolina, in an environment surrounded by few resources and violence. He got used to fighting, facing challenges, and fighting a rugged life. He opted for poetry as the engine to “channel these tragedies, without abusing drama, and thus be able to share and reflect on this sentimental education,” Rosario said.

“My intention was to write a treatise on persistence and defeat. On the one hand, I wanted to explore memory, forgiveness and loss and, on the other, revisit those episodes in which one is forced to grow up millions of years, to arrive at hard certainties very suddenly. Although it may seem like a pessimistic collection, the work talks about how love is possible above all else and offers alternative visions of the future, ”said Rosario.

The book “The weather has been terrible with us” It is divided into two parts in which life and death play an important role. The first is titled “Birth Certificate” and the second “Burials.”

The 32 poems that make up the book were written in Puerto Rico, while he was studying his master’s degree, in Argentina and in New York, where he is doing his doctorate. It is a compilation of poetry that she developed over 12 years and that shows her internal struggle.

“Nobody prepares one work at a time, but goes on living and dissecting those concentrations of life that are used for literary material. It is, therefore, a collection of poems that is not born from urgency, but from accumulation and moderation that only time gives … no matter how terrible it may be, ”the young writer described.

For her part, the writer Claudia Becerra affirmed that in the book there is an “autobiographical record, dizzyingly testimonial”.

Becerra added that “the collection of poems, as fierce as it is so tender, is an attempt at dialogue with a multitude of absences, which could well be ours: ‘where were you in all this lack?’ Perhaps it is up to the readers to respond ”.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the book is currently only available through Amazon. Additionally, you can follow the author of the book on Instagram under Eph Rosario.

Efe Rosario is a writer, editor, and doctoral student at Cornell University in New York. He has taken workshops with figures from the literary world such as Edmundo Paz Soldán, Mayra Santos Febres and Jan Martínez, among others. Despite having published in magazines and newspapers, “The weather has been terrible with us” is his first book.

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