August 1, 2021

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Puerto Rican youth represents Puerto Rico in world public speaking competition

He will compete with other speakers from Denmark, Syria, the West Indies and Malaysia, representing Puerto Rico at the International Junior Chamber 2020 Online World Congress.

Martha Silva, Photo Supplied

San Juan – During the celebration of the JCI Puerto Rico National Convention, held in October 2019, the young Martha Limarie Silva López won the JCI Puerto Rico National Speaking Championship that year.

Triumph that would lead her to travel to Panama City in March 2020, to represent Puerto Rico in what would be the American Conference of the International Junior Chamber.

This event – like others worldwide – was interrupted by the global emergency of the coronavirus pandemic.

JCI is an organization that promotes the development of leaders to create positive changes, so what happened was not an obstacle to echo its mission and virtually give rise to competition.

Martha Limarie Silva López faced other participants from America on October 17, 2020 defending the issue: COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on mental health and decision makers must create strategies to help combat these negative emotions.

By winning at the American level, she is now one of five finalists worldwide.

“Fostering diversity in business can bring positive and influential changes to the world’s economic problems” was the theme selected among the organization’s members for the global competition.

“Representing Puerto Rico in public speaking is an enriching experience that has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. It is of great emotion to be able to represent my country at the world level in these difficult times and to be able to bring joy through public speaking. Give a voice to minority groups, especially people with functional diversity. They have become my teachers of life ”, commented Martha Silva López.

The also doctoral student at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Metro Campus, in the Special Education and Transition Services Program to adult life, appreciates the opportunity to be part of this great platform to contribute and provide solutions that address the problems that we are currently living.

“It is time to motivate ourselves not to give up because we are resilient and above all to demonstrate the impact that JCI Puerto Rico has worldwide,” added Silva López.

“The Public Speaking program is one of the tools that JCI provides our youth to develop leadership.”

“JCI will hold its World Congress from November 3 to 7, where for the first time in the history of the organization it will be held in an online format, in which the 6th will be the Final Round of the Speech Contest,” said Mr. Humberto L. Nieves Martínez, 2020 National President of JCI Puerto Rico.

While Moisés Reyes, Local President of JCI San Juan Capital, the local organization of origin of the young contestant, pointed out: “We are very proud of the work of our representative and we know that our country will be well represented at the JCI World Congress” .

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide development opportunities for young people to create positive change.

It is the leading global network of young active citizens between the ages of 18-40 coming together in more than 115 countries to create a better world.

In Puerto Rico they have 8 local organizations.

They carry out projects in the communities to contribute to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations as allies.

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