June 15, 2021

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Puerto Rico Baseball League semifinal series to resume after Covid cases

Photo: CyberNews

Puerto Rico – The semifinal series B between the Atenienses de Manatí and Indios de Mayagüez will resume tomorrow, Sunday, after the Department of Health approved restarting it after several players from the Indians tested positive for covid-19.

This was reported this Saturday by the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League of Puerto Rico (LBPRC) in a press release, after receiving the pertinent analysis and recommendations from the island’s Department of Health.

Therefore, the series will resume tomorrow at 12:35 pm at the Pedro Román Municipal Stadium in Manatí.

The series between the Indians and Athenians was stopped 13 days ago due to the suspicion and subsequent confirmation of positive cases to covid-19 in the Indian staff.

This led to the immediate activation of the LBPRC Health and Safety Protocol to work with the first infections throughout the tournament.

The LBPRC subsequently carried out the virus tests, then received the results of the tests on Friday, and referred to health advisers for proper evaluations.

Once the process was completed, the report was received with the positive recommendation for the franchise to return to the field to seek its classification to the final series and face the Criollos de Caguas for the LBPRC title.

At the moment, the semifinal series B goes in favor of the Indians 1-0, after beating the Athenians 12-2.

The third game will take place on Monday at 12.35 pm in Manatí, while on Tuesday a double game will be played at the Isidoro García Stadium, in Mayagüez, starting the first at 1.00 in the afternoon.

The semifinal series is a maximum of seven games, so if the Indians win on Sunday, Monday and the first game on Tuesday, they qualify for the final series.

The series, in turn, will feature the participation of the star Puerto Rican receiver Yadier Molina, who will play with the Atenienses starting Sunday, the ninth directed by one of his brothers, José “Cheo” Molina.

Molina, who is a free agent in the Major Leagues, has returned to the Puerto Rican winter league since 2012 when he played with the Carolina Giants.

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