May 14, 2021

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Puerto Rico Hospital Association: “our hospitals are filling up fast”

The Puerto Rico Hospital Association made a call to citizens in the face of the lack of control of COVID-19 cases facing the people of Puerto Rico.

“It is necessary for the population to comply with the established protection measures-use of masks-distancing-hand washing and, very especially, eliminate activities or community agglomeration. Our hospitals are filling up fast and we need the help of our population to reduce infections and therefore hospitalizations. We have to protect ourselves and our children. Children’s hospitalizations are high and so are children who are in intensive care. It is necessary for you to help us avoid hospitalizations and deaths, ”the executive president of the Puerto Rico Hospital Association, Jaime Plá Cortes, said in writing.

“We suggest that the population postpone all kinds of leaving home, unless it is absolutely necessary. Plan grocery and food shopping so that you eliminate unnecessary outings. If there is a medical emergency, we suggest starting contact with your doctor from home immediately. Have at hand the telephone numbers of your doctors, laboratories, pharmacies and hospital institutions in order to expedite any type of consultation. Do not accept or promote visits to your home, nor is it time to visit family or friends, unless it is absolutely necessary. To do this, take protective and distancing measures. Do not touch handrails, counters, doors or merchandise that you are not going to buy, once you return home take aseptic measures-disinfect or apply products approved to combat the pandemic. Request to be vaccinated against COVID, once you get the appointment, keep it, “concluded the spokesman for the Hospital Association, Jaime Plá Cortes.

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