July 24, 2021

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Puerto Rico media unite against COVID-19

Nine months have passed since COVID-19 arrived in Puerto Rico. The pandemic has impacted the physical, emotional and economic health of the people. The situation is evident when seeing that between March and August, over 150K calls to the PAS line have already been reported. The daily numbers of contagion, hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase. On the other hand, the country’s education has suffered a great blow with a drop in enrollment of more than 15K students. Likewise, hundreds of businesses have closed, leading to thousands of unemployed people around the island.

These data lead us to understand that COVID 19, without a doubt, ends the lives of many, but it also ends with much more. Faced with this reality, the media in Puerto Rico have come together as Media for Puerto Rico to carry a clear and directed message to raise awareness about the importance of taking seriously the presence of COVID-19 among us. The main expression of the educational campaign is “A minute of silence”, reflecting the mourning that we live in Puerto Rico today.

Under the slogan “A minute of silence for Puerto Rico” an integrated message will be carried projecting that COVID-19 not only ends the lives of people, but also ends the life of local businesses, with normality, with jobs, the economy and the education of children and young people. Media for Puerto Rico calls for conscience to clearly understand the impact it has on the present and future of Puerto Rico.

“The figures are clear. And, more than clear, they are alarming. It is no longer a matter of knowing whether or not there are infections, hospitalizations and, unfortunately, deaths. It is to see how that number continues to rise every day. It was clear that we had to do something to help spread the message and that is why we are here, ”said the representative of the Media for Puerto Rico.

The bell #a minute of silence will include messages like:

-A minute of silence for all the businesses that ceased to exist today because of the

people who went out to party without masks.

-A minute of silence for the thousands of jobs that ceased to exist because of family reunions without social distancing.

-One minute of jangueo without a mask. #a minute of silence for the economy. We are killing people.

-We interrupt the programming of this station to have a minute of silence for the loss of the education of our children because of all those who do not take the pandemic seriously.

“We have lost a lot because of all the people who do not take COVID-19 seriously, from those who go out without a mask to those who ignore social distancing. We have to understand that COVID-19 doesn’t just kill people. It ends with much more, ”said the Media representative for Puerto Rico.

#a minute of silence seeks to raise awareness and join forces to help us. It calls for protection, to take care of yourself and take care of yours.

The messages will have visibility in newspapers, television, radio, digital billboards, social media networks, as well as live interventions in local programs.

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