May 14, 2021

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Puerto Rico today reached 70% of the intensive care beds for adults occupied | PRESENT

At a time when infections, deaths and hospitalizations due to Covid-19 continue to increase, Puerto Rico today reached 70% (475) of occupied adult intensive care beds, of which 10% (66) were due to patients with the virus and the remaining 60% (409) people with other diagnoses not related to the coronavirus.

According to data published by the Department of Health (DS), there were only 205 intensive care beds for adults available. Meanwhile, there were 3,726 occupied adult beds, of which only 370 were by Covid-19 patients. However, there were 3,263 adult beds available. Of the 370 hospitalized patients, 66 were confined in the intensive unit and 36 were connected to an artificial respirator.

“The statistics are that 53% of the beds in the beds are occupied in hospitals. Of those, 4% is only due to Covid-19. So that's important to clarify. In intensive 10% with Covid-19 patients. So we are constantly monitoring the health system. We had had a significant drop in terms of hospitalizations. So we keep very closely (monitoring), "said Governor Wanda Vázquez Garced, at a press conference.

" If they saw the positives, we also had less positives this time. Unfortunately, we are still reporting some deaths from previous days. That is why it must be monitored day by day, "added the president, who said that the priority at this time is to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

In that sense, she added that" I am handling several emergencies at the same time and They all have the same concentration of our efforts and in particular I am very aware day by day at night and in the morning as what has to do with the Covid-19 pandemic is developing. So to our citizens, the fight to manage the Covid-19 pandemic has the highest priority for me and my administration. ”

For his part, the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, explained that there are 3,726 beds of employed adults (53%) and 3,263. While 383 (28%) pediatric beds are being used and 972 are available.

“There are 370 people hospitalized for Covid-19. That is 4% of the beds. So, in intensive there are 475 beds used, 205 available and 475 is equivalent to 70% of the total. Only of those beds, 66 used for Covid-19 intensively, which is 10% of that amount used, "said González Feliciano.

He added that in Puerto Rico there are 316 (29%) busy adult ventilators, of of which only 36 are for Covid-19 patients. Instead, there are 758 (71%) adult ventilators available. "So 29% of the total is being used and of those 3% is only for adult ventilators", said the Secretary of Health.

"We are not yet at a point where the use of medical resources is worrying for the purpose of Covid-19. So we continue to monitor this on a daily basis. They also speak with the Hospital Association. Let's recognize that there is a part that has to do with the behavior of hospitals. To what extent the hospital can release intensive care beds almost immediately. ”

The Health Minister revealed that agency staff meet with the Hospital Association every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. "We are discussing this every week and when we have to do it in addition to Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do it," he added.

However, Dr. Fernando Cabanillas had indicated in a column in a newspaper in the country when Puerto Rico to reach 70% occupation of the intensive units, the flag had to be raised. Given these expressions, González Feliciano said: “not at this time. Again, 70% of intensive beds in the context of recognizing that the intensive patient was on a ventilator. I believe that is the benchmark brand. ”

In terms of the Bayamón Regional Hospital, he mentioned that“ a capital investment was made. The Bayamón Hospital census continues to be below 50 beds a day. That hospital has 150 beds. So it's definitely low utilization right now… Hospitals are relatively low. ”

Community transmission

“ Transmission is community. I believe that all scientists agree with this. So if we cross the street and a person does not have a mask, the one that crossed in front of you can be a positive. We know the impact on politicians and they have properly admitted when they are positive. The concerns that were brought to the DS, which we started on Friday, went to the State Elections Commission (CEE) where the votes were being counted. They are closed yesterday and today, but on Monday we go to ensure that there is social distancing there, "he said. “They are not different. The fact that he has the brand that senator, representative, politician are working on, he has to follow the same rules ”.

Call to donate blood

Likewise, the Secretary of Health called on the public to come and donate blood.

"Admiral Brown and Alex Amparo called me last night … that It is a concern that they have because they find out that the blood banks in Puerto Rico are not receiving donors … We need blood donors not only for Covid-19. We are not talking about the convalescent, we are talking about people who go to emergency rooms, who do surgeries, for people who have medical conditions and who can die if there is no blood donation ”, he added.

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