June 15, 2021

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Puerto Rico will relax its anti-covid measures to follow good figures

Photo: EFE / Thais Llorca

SAN JUAN – The governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierlusi, has announced that if the current figures related to covid-19 continue on the island, for February 7, when the current executive order of measures with the virus ends, if can make the measures contained therein more flexible.

“What I’m going to do is that when February 7 approaches I’m going to look at this data and if I can relax a little more, I’m going to do it. Do not expect dramatic changes, but if the scientific data allows me, I will continue to make it more flexible, “he said this Tuesday during his speech at the convention of the Puerto Rico Restaurant Association (Asore).

“I have to be watching over the scientific data, I have to be watching over the capacity of our hospitals because I don’t want to see here what has happened in Europe and in some places in the United States where the hospital system has been compromised,” he defended .

According to data released this Tuesday by health, today there are 312 patients hospitalized for the virus, of which 54 are in intensive care and 43 are connected to a respirator.

Pierluisi also indicated that the level of positivity that prevails on the island is nine percent, a figure that, he said, however, is “inconsistent” with the level of positivity that the Department of Health detects when it conducts testing events. massive disease.

On the curfew he recognized that if it were for him there would not be.

“The curfew is an extreme measure that restricts and violates individual freedoms. But we are still facing a pandemic never seen before, at least for a century, and the touch has a function, ”he stressed.

The function it has “is that people, as far as possible, remain in their homes except because they have to go to work or do the necessary steps, or in your case, go to a restaurant for dinner or lunch,” he said.

“The touch he is looking for is that after a certain hour people come back to life,” he added.

In Puerto Rico there are 85,551 cases of the new virus confirmed since March and 1,783 deaths.

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