June 14, 2021

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Rain record set on Christmas Eve

The National Meteorological Service in San Juan recorded yesterday afternoon, Christmas Eve, a record of rainfall for the San Juan area.

According to the issued report, 1.82 inches of rain were recorded. The record had been set in 1920 with 1.63 inches.

This rain, reported the meteorologist Odalys Martínez, was due to the fact that yesterday a trough and available moisture affected the area.

This coming, Christmas Day, “temporary downpours” are still being felt, mainly in eastern Puerto Rico.

“As between afternoon and night, a mass of drier air enters and the frequency of these showers should decrease,” he reported.

However, maritime conditions are deteriorating, due to a storm surge from the north combined with easterly winds of up to 20 knots.

A warning was issued for operators of small vessels in offshore Atlantic waters, due to a swell of up to 10 feet. Bathers are also asked not to swim on beaches washed by this ocean, since there is a high risk of underwater currents.

The breaking waves are nine feet away. There are no reports of strong hangovers activated.

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