January 24, 2021

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Rainy and hot days appear

A trough and a wave that is watched by the National Hurricane Center with a medium probability of becoming a cyclone, will cause today, Saturday, and tomorrow, Sunday, to be rainy days reported the meteorologist Carlos Anselmi, from the National Meteorological Service (SNM) in San Juan.

The expert warned that the danger of these rains is that they could cause sudden floods, landslides and sudden floods of rivers , since the soils are saturated after the passage last Thursday of the tropical storm Isaías .

Today, the rain would be caused by “a trough in the surface that is going to move to through the area. The activity of rain on the Island will increase and it is expected that in the afternoon it will help in the formation of thunderstorms in the interior and west of the Island. "

" The development of downpours in the east and the San Juan metro area during late morning and early afternoon, "he added.

The probability of rain predicted by the SNM is medium.

" These downpours can cause urban flooding, due to that the soil is saturated after the passage of Isaías. People are told to exercise caution and to be next to rivers to be careful, since the rivers are running high and could cause sudden blows of water, ”said Anselmi, adding that landslides and landslides are not ruled out.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the humidity of a tropical wave that would pass to the north of Puerto Rico, in combination with the trough, will help “in the intensification of the rain.”

Chart of the trajectory of the tropical wave which will happen tomorrow, Sunday, in the north of Puerto Rico.

However, he stressed that “most of the activity or the strongest activity (of tropical wave rain) should be out of our domain.”

Anselmi noted, however, that there would again be a danger of floods, landslides and floods of rivers, because the soils are saturated.

It is expected that on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, slightly drier air will enter.

It should be noted that In the Atlantic, tropical depression 10 was formed. However, it does not represent any danger for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, as stipulated by the SNM.

Tropical depression 10 does not represent any danger for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. (National Hurricane Center)

Despite the expected rain activity, the maximum temperature could rise to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, while the heat index would be between 102 to 107 degrees.

In Regarding maritime conditions, both sailors and bathers are encouraged to exercise caution.

The surf will be between four to six feet and the wind between 15 to 20 knots. The risk of currents is moderate in most of the beaches, except for the west.

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