January 14, 2021

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Raulie Maldonado promises a massive demonstration to Wanda Vázquez if he hands her the cell phone

Raulie Maldonado son of the former Secretary of the Treasury, Raúl Maldonado, reacted today to the annoyance of the governor Wanda Vázquez Garced asking for his phone for an hour and promising him a march to demand his resignation.

“Governor Inelecta, I accept your offer. Give me your cell phone an hour and I promise you a march of 2 million, ”Maldonado wrote on his Facebook, accompanying a link to a news story about the governor's press conference in which he offered his cell phone to show that he had not given instructions to filter the referral of Justice to the media.

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Maldonado, father, denounced an institutional mafia in the Department of the Treasury for which Ricardo Rosselló fired him . Subsequently, Maldonado, Jr., published messages on social networks attacking Rosselló and branded the penepé administration as the " most corrupt in history in Puerto Rico ".

After Maldonado's expressions, a Rosselló chat was leaked that caused dozens of marches against him and his eventual resignation from the government. "I really have to answer that! Do I really have to answer that if I gave instruction? Well, I'm going to answer the question. That I should answer a question like that, which to some extent I think is disrespectful. It is disrespectful to say that I instructed someone to leak a report. I am going to take it for granted, and the answer I am going to give to the people, who is to whom I owe it, is to tell them that I had absolutely nothing to do with it and whoever has leaked it should the agencies investigate it. Here is my cell phone. Let's see if I gave an email, some text, to send something. "

" The medium, as it cannot give the information of who gives it the information, since the medium I authorize the medium, the journalist who received it say who sent it to you. And there we are on par. Let him say who sent it to him. Because it is very easy to make charges against officials. But I have always been a woman of law and order and I will respect it. But if there is respect, we are going to open the letters and that the media says that report was given to me by so-and-so, "he added, warning that" and we are going to go against that person who violated the law. "


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