April 20, 2021

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Ready and Alert in the Southwest for Storm Laura

Mayagüez. With the memory of the floods caused by Isaías, several municipalities in the southwestern part of the country assure that they are ready to face the new threat posed by storm Laura.

However, the possibility of torrential rains in hours of Saturday afternoon and night they maintain the concern that rivers and streams will once again affect vulnerable communities and put the lives and properties of their residents at risk.

“We have everything prepared and we are waiting to see what happens. We understand that we are ready, but alert, "said the mayor of Cabo Rojo, Roberto" Bobby "Ramírez Kurtz.

According to the first municipal executive, the communities of Corozo, La Concepción and the area of ​​Camino Los Morales, on the highway PR-2, are the areas most prone to flooding and therefore have established a preventive plan.

“Right now we have three water pumps in these three communities. We also have the shelter ready at Severo Colberg School. We do not have any refugees yet but we have already spoken with the Housing Department and we are in a position to open it at any time if necessary, "he said.

The passage of storm Isaías, on July 29, caused the flood of rivers and streams that affected several areas. In the Mayagüez area, the Río Hondo, Quebrada Grande and Buenaventura communities were seriously affected, where it was necessary to rescue people from their homes that remained under water.

The regional director of the Bureau of Emergency Management and Disaster Administration (NMEAD ), Alberto Trabal, also expressed concern that a similar episode of rains will be repeated.

“We have the situation that, unlike the other (Isaías) we had a drought. This time we have saturated land. In addition, we have the situation that work has been done (cleaning roads and rivers), but since the distance (of time) from one to the other has been so short, there is still work pending to be done ”, commented Trabal who However, he highlighted the work of municipal agencies in cleaning rivers and streams.

“Even in the Yagüez River, a great effort is being made between the National Guard, the Mayagüez municipality and the Department of Natural Resources, a lot of work has been done, but it has not been completed and that worries us a bit, but we hope that the same current will push all the land that they have taken off and that the river can flow are problems ”, he added. [19659002] Trabal indicated that the municipalities of Mayagüez, Hormigueros, Maricao and San Germán already have their shelters open, while Lajas and Cabo Rojo are ready to do so when necessary.

However, there are still no refugees as reported.

By s u part, the mayor of Lajas, Marcos “Turin” Irizarry said that, in addition to the possibility of flooding, people are concerned because the earth continues to shake in their municipality.

An earthquake of magnitude 3.39 was registered on Saturday morning It was felt throughout the southwestern part of the country.

"It felt strong and people are afraid," Irizarry said. “That tremor made my shelter change. Originally we were going to enable the Leonides Morales high school, but now we are moving to the Juan E. Lluch field. We feel safer there ”, he sentenced.

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