July 30, 2021

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Rectors of the UPR express support for its president Jorge Haddock

photo: EFE / Thais Llorca

SAN JUAN – The rectors of the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) supported today the work of the president of the institution, Dr. Jorge Haddock, highlighting the stability and progress that the main educational center of the island has had since his arrival two years ago, to despite facing one of the most complex scenarios in the history of the university system and the island.

“You must remember that it was under the direction of Dr. Jorge Haddock that the university managed to renew its accreditation for a new term, which was in danger after a strike. The president has encouraged compliance, and for the past few years the institution has delivered audited financial statements on time, which are a requirement for accrediting agencies, the federal Department of Education, and to continue receiving federal funds. In addition, the Fiscal Oversight Board agreed to the president’s request to waive the budget cuts and enrollment increases scheduled for this academic year. What greater defense of our University than this? ”.

Likewise, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Puerto Rico has managed to continue its academic and administrative operations, while accelerating the development of new programs completely remotely, thanks to the fact that prior to the pandemic the president had started to implement process digitization.

This semester despite historical difficulties, thanks to the work of the president and the campuses and units, we managed to admit more than 12 thousand students and a titanic work is being carried out. In the midst of this emergency, we have a strong university, which is developing and expanding its academic offerings for resident and non-island students.

The statements came after a press conference by employees of the institution to react to the departure of the president and vice president of the Governing Board of the UPR, Lcdo. Walter O. Alomar and Lcda. Zoraida Buxó, respectively, in which they criticized the management of the president of the institution.

“Despite the cuts by the Fiscal Control Board, to which the president has publicly opposed, the University has remained open, offering its education of accessible excellence, without dismissal of employees or closure of campuses; different from other universities internationally that have had to lay off staff. Beyond this, the administration began the process of reviewing and updating the compensation and classification plan for non-teaching personnel, precisely addressing their complaints and concerns about the salary scale. At the labor level, benefits such as the medical plan, Christmas bonus and other benefits have been maintained, despite the crisis. Likewise, significant contributions have been made to the Retirement System, ”they affirmed, recalling the presentation made by Dr. Haddock to the United States Congress in defense of the institution’s budget, as well as his communications to the Fiscal Oversight Board.

Likewise, they highlighted the work at the entire infrastructure level of the University of Puerto Rico that is being developed under Haddock’s leadership, which will result in a better experience for the entire university community. “Thanks to its vision and work plan, with the support of the units, at present the institution has 154 projects approved for temporary and permanent construction works, which constitutes the largest transformation and renovation of the physical plant in the eleven precincts and units, in history

At present, the UPR is the institution of Higher Education with the most projects required in the Education sector by the federal agency. To streamline this process, Dr. Haddock created a specialized work team and has allocated an institutional budget of approximately $ 10 million, while $ 500 million comes from obligations granted by the Federal Agency for Emergency Management through reimbursements. In this historical moment, the University needs the unity of all sectors. The president has always been characterized by listening and addressing your concerns. We must continue working as a team putting the
UPR first.

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