January 21, 2021

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Red and blue fight for primary ballots that have not yet arrived

At 5:30 pm, the electoral commissioners of the New Progressive Party (PNP) and the Popular Democratic Party (PPD) were still waiting for the arrival of around a million ballots needed to carry out the primaries tomorrow, Sunday.

In the long wait, a struggle between reds and blues was unleashed by the number of ballots that the Printech company, in Cayey, has printed for each party.

The commissioner of La Pava, Lind Merle Feliciano, stated that the printing press has put the PPD at a disadvantage by printing more ballots to the PNP than to them.

He pointed out that this afternoon some deliveries have been made, but they are all PNP ballots.

“They bring five pallets and five pallets are penepés ", he pointed. "They have advanced the ballots of the PNP and not of the popular ones."

Merle Feliciano blamed the president of the State Elections Commission (CEE), Juan Ernesto Dávila, for this "irresponsibility."

She explained that the The appointed time for the popular people is yet to receive "520,000 ballots."

"This is what this administration lends itself to, to take advantage," he thundered.

Merle Feliciano was so annoyed that he asked this newspaper to write and do so. cited the irregularities that he denounced.

As he explained, for these primaries the popular requested to print 2.3 million ballots and the PNP over 6 million.

He said that, in any mathematics, it was assumed that the PPD ballots were already finished. But, this is not the reality.

It is that the PNP lacks around 380,000 ballots to receive, which are those of the special election to select the replacement for Senator Larry Seilhamer, confirmed the New Progressive Commissioner, María Dolores Santiago. [19659002] Therefore, Merle Feliciano wondered: “When are they not going to deliver (the ballots)? On Monday? ”

He affirmed that they have tried to communicate without success with the printing press

“ They (the PNP) have been printed much more than us, twice, and it is with the sole purpose of affecting our primary school and make us look like they did last Saturday (when the ballots arrived from towns like Cabo Rojo and Moca that they would use for early voting at noon). That is not playing fair, irresponsible for the rest, ”he stated.

The popular commissioner said that he commits himself to the popular ones to ensure that all the ballots are at 8:00 a.m. in the polling stations.

“This work team that is here, of popular officials of the EEC, and we reiterate our commitment to our electorate and tomorrow at 8:00 am, those ballots will be there for them to exercise. their free and voluntary right, despite these impediments and obstacles, "he stated.

For his part, Santiago indicated that the expressions of his colleague electoral commissioner were wrong.

" We have more ballots than they and we do not they have all arrived. At this time, we still do not have them complete ", he stated.

He stressed that the ballots were supposed to be at the CEE Operations Center at noon, but the printing company did not comply.

" I am going to ask that The ballots also get to them, because we leave in the same trucks. "

He stressed that if there are no popular ballots, the available trucks cannot go to distribute the PNP ballots. Moreover, however, Merle alleged that this assertion was false and that they had different trucks and routes.

The truth is that both commissioners did not have a certain time when the ballots to be used in tomorrow's electoral event would be available .

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