January 27, 2021

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Release problem could have caused a fault in line 50,500 | PRESENT

A disengagement problem could be the cause of the blackout that left half a million subscribers without electricity yesterday after the 50,500 230-kilowatt transmission line was out of service, announced this morning the president of the Union of Industry Workers Eléctrica y Riego (Utier), Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo.

“I received information that has been sent by brigades to two sectors where they have identified unhooking areas: one is in Aguadilla and the other in Añasco. They are towers 31 and 32 (and towers 104 and 105). Once these areas are unhooked, that the information we have is that they are critical, and the line is tested and the line is tested correctly, it is more than evident that the reason that the line has not entered service is a problem. of disengagement, contrary to what the director tells the country publicly, "he said.

Figueroa Jaramillo affirmed this Wednesday that the executive director of the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), José Ortiz, is a" pathological liar "and who does not know "clearly how the system works" of the public corporation.

In this way, Figueroa Jaramillo reacted to the expressions made by Ortiz, who stated that the blackout that left half a million subscribers without electricity service was a product of an "internal terrorism" in the public corporation.

"Today I have to say and conclude that Mr. José Ortiz is a pathological liar. He lied to the country in front of the governor. Before he was denied, he tried to go through the media to make serious, but false, accusations. I invite the executive director and the governor to swear an oath to submit all of their statements and evidence to federal forums. And why under oath? Because it is a crime to give false information to a federal agent, "he stressed at a press conference.

If Ortiz goes to the federal authorities, as he said publicly, Jaramillo commented that it should be investigated in both directions and if it is concluded that it was not terrorism, a criminal investigation should be made with the information. "That is why I say to speak under oath," he added.

He also mentioned that Ortiz lied this morning when saying that the Guaynabo breakdowns could not be attended to because the technique is closed due to a positive for Covid-19. "The Guaynabo technique is not closed. The companions are there. There is a positive for Covid-19 that is awaiting the molecular one, but it is not closed. The companions are there, "he said.

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