May 13, 2021

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Remember that workers have the right to time to vote | government

The secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources, Carlos Rivera Santiago, reminded employers of the right of their employees to vote in the electoral primaries that will be held this coming Sunday.

“In Puerto Rico, voting is a fundamental right and represents the expression and intention of the democratic will of the people, "said Rivera Santiago.

Item 17 of Article 5.1 of the new Puerto Rico Electoral Code of 2020 provides that all public or private employees who you must work on the day of a vote you are entitled to a maximum of two hours with pay to go to vote during your working hours, when you have not been able to vote early and you have not been able to anticipate the conflict of your work day with the hours Voting.

“It corresponds to all employers who operate this coming Sunday, August 9, to establish the hours and work shifts of their employees who have not voted in advance, of m So that they can go to the voting centers and exercise their democratic right. If there is any unanticipated conflict with the established working day, the employer must grant up to a maximum of two hours of paid leave to said employee, "explained the Secretary of Labor.

The Puerto Rico Electoral Code of 2020 establishes penalties of up to five thousand dollars for employers who do not allow a voting employee to exercise this right.

The primaries will take place on Sunday and the polling stations will be open from 8:00 in the morning to 4:00 in the afternoon .

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