April 10, 2021

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Renewable energy project approved | government

The Energy Bureau (NE) of the Puerto Rico Public Service Regulatory Board improved the agreements and approved the photovoltaic solar project with a capacity of 80 MW, Montalva solar farm, in Guánica, which will result in savings for the Authority of Electric Power (AEE) and for the users of the public corporation.

In unanimous decision the NE approved a new agreement with better terms in the price of kilowatt hour and with smaller automatic climbers, although still subject to conditions. [19659002] "The Energy Bureau, as part of its functions, has the duty to ensure compliance with the public energy policy that includes the renewable energy portfolio that establishes 100 percent for the year 2050. This project is aimed at those objectives established by Law 17-2019 are met, "said NE President Edison Avilés Déliz.

During the years 2010-2013, PREPA awarded approximately 60 contracts for the development of Ollo of renewable energy facilities that would have to be acquired by the corporation through power purchase and operation contracts. Said contracts had to be renegotiated and approved.

The Montalva solar farm includes solar panels with a capacity of 80 MW. In addition, the project will have a battery storage system with a capacity of four hours, which will store the excess solar energy generated during the day to be injected into PREPA's grid at night.

PREPA anticipates that the project It will be in commercial operation within approximately 31 months, counted from the date the parties sign the agreement.

The Energy Bureau will also ensure that the rates, rights, rents or charges paid to independent energy producers are fair. and reasonable, and protect the public interest and the treasury.

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