July 31, 2021

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Report a minor as missing

Photo: Supplied

ARECIBO – A 16-year-old teenager was reported missing on Wednesday afternoon, from the Pavía hospital grounds in Arecibo, the Police reported.

According to the authorities’ investigation, Annais Marie Colón Ramos, a resident of Arecibo, was with her mother on the hospital grounds and when she was about to get into the car, the young woman ran away and her whereabouts are unknown.

The youngest is fair-skinned, has brown hair with various shades of colors, green eyes, weighs 103 pounds, is five feet tall and has a heart tattoo on one of her ankles.

When he disappeared, he was wearing a blue denim jacket and a white T-shirt with colorful designs.

Any citizen who has seen or knows of the whereabouts of this minor can communicate confidentially through the following telephone numbers: 787 343-2020, 787 879-0585 and 787 878-4000.

Agent Rita Rosado Vélez from the Homicide Division of the Criminal Investigations Corps of the Arecibo area is in charge of the disappearance investigation.

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