May 15, 2021

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Report escalation in Santurce nightclub

Agents, assigned to Santurce Precinct 266, preliminarily investigated an escalation in the Circo nightclub, located on Calle Condado # 650, in Santurce where they appropriated electronics valued in thousands of dollars and caused damage to the gates and padlocks after forcing them.

According to the plaintiff and site manager, identified as Edwin Edgardo Ramos Vázquez someone broke the rear gate padlock and had access to the site, where they appropriated a television valued at $ 300; two speakers valued at $ 1,600; a projector valued at $ 200; a stereo valued at $ 800.00; a cd player valued at $ 200.00 and a cash register without money inside .

In this escalation there were three bases of the gates and two padlocks with damages.

This case was referred to personnel of the Division of Property of the Criminal Investigation Corps of San Juan to continue the investigation.

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