June 11, 2021

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Report incident of assault in Ponce

PONCE – The Police report an incident of aggression that was reported in the morning hours today, on the premises of the Med Centro Diagnostic and Treatment Center, located on Hostos Avenue in Ponce.

As reported, when Mr. Ángel Caraballo was interviewed, he alleged that while he was on the premises of that place, someone, using what he identified as a stone, attacked him in the area of ​​his head, resulting in an open wound.

Paramedics from Municipal Medical Emergencies arrived at the scene and transported him to the Damas de Ponce Hospital, where he was treated by Doctor Aulet, who took stitches and indicated that his condition is stable and he would be discharged later.

Agent López of the Ponce Oeste Precinct conducted the investigation.

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