June 14, 2021

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Report incident of assault through detonations in residential in Ponce

PONCE – An alleged incident of aggression by means of detonations was reported in the early hours of today, May 14, 2021, events that occurred in the Tormos residential area in Ponce.

As reported by Mr. Bryan Ramos, while he was in the fourth bedroom of the apartment, which is located in the aforementioned residential area, he heard some shots and later a noise, where he noticed that the window and door of the wardrobe (closet) had result with an impact by apparent bullet projectile.

At the time of said incident, no injured persons were reported. In addition, the place was damaged by the impact of a bullet projectile in the mud guard, the motor vehicle, BMW brand, model 550 I of 2006. The agent Eliezer Almodóvar from Technical Services appeared at the place, who took over of taking photos and gathering evidence.

The complaint was investigated by agent González from the Ponce Precinct, and the gathering of evidence and taking photos was carried out by agent Eliezer Almodóvar from Servicios Técnicos de Ponce.

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