May 14, 2021

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Report missing man in Villalba

He was reported missing by his sister

Jesús Díaz Camacho, Photo Supplied

PONCE – As reported by the Police, pStaff from the Missing Persons Unit of the Ponce Homicide Division requests the help of citizens to locate Jesús Díaz Camacho, 41, who was reported missing in Villalba.

As reported Agent Rebecca Rosado from the Ponce Homicide Division (Missing Persons Unit) on April 18, 2021, Lydia Díaz reported her brother, Jesús Díaz Camacho, missing.

She reported that her brother was seen for the last time, around 8:00 p.m. on April 16, 2021 and that he left the residence located in the Lajita sector of the Higüero neighborhood in Villalba.

The disappeared person was driving the motor vehicle, Suzuki brand, Esteem model of the year 2002, gray color, with the ETA-875 license plate and which is in the name of the complainant.

This was described as having a white complexion, brown eyes and hair, approximately 150 pounds in weight and 5 feet 7 inches tall.

At the time he was wearing long black pants, a white shirt and construction boots. The man has tattoos of a rosary in the neck area and on the right side arm with letters that read “Mariangel”.

The Police request the help of citizens and that if they have any type of information about the whereabouts of Díaz Camacho, they can communicate to the Headquarters at the Confidential Line (787) -343-2020 or at (787) -284-4040 Ext 1515, with agent Rebecca Rosado of the Ponce Homicide Division (Missing Persons Unit), who is in charge of the investigation.

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