June 12, 2021

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Report serious accident of a motorcyclist

The motorcyclist was transported to the Medical Center hospital

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Carolina – A serious motor vehicle accident was reported at around 2:54 in the morning of this Monday, on Baldorioty De Castro Avenue in the direction of the Muñiz Base in Carolina, the Police confirmed.

The driver of the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R motor was traveling along the aforementioned taxiway and when he made a turn towards the exit that goes to the aforementioned base, he hits the central island that divides the lanes.

As a result of this, he falls to the pavement and receives trauma to his head and different parts of the body. The victim was identified as Jean Carlos Casanova García.

Dr. Julio Pérez, from the Río Piedras Medical Center, said that Casanova García’s condition is one of care.

The scene was investigated by agents Juan Lacen and Arnaldo Matos from the Carolina Traffic Division and Technical Services, respectively, together with the prosecutor, Carmen Medina.

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